Navin Raheja


Mr. Navin Raheja


Raheja is a bright and illustrious star on the expansive sky of Indian real estate sector. An absolute self made man, Mr. Raheja has traversed the long path of resounding success with sheer determination, hard work and ambition.

He started his career as a business man in 1978 with a scooter agency and a colossal investment of INR 5000. During that time, scooter was no longer an appealing possession for the masses. But with superb business acumen, infectious enthusiasm and the spirit of a warrior, Navin ji succeeded in turning the challenge in his favor. But as destiny wanted something else, ultimately the venture turned out to be a short lived tale. He tried his hands in various other sectors like finance, travel, agriculture, even politics but without success. And then he turned to the real estate sector. That was 1983 and the first enterprise was a success thereby encouraging him to get more serious about the field. And although very cliché, the rest was history.

Gradually got deeper into the field taking up better and bigger projects. Then in 1988-89, he took up his first major project called Qutab Farms at Gurgaon. During this phase, he joined hands with two reputable business houses and this association turned out to be extremely fecund.

In mid 1990s, Navin Raheja decided to strike out alone. As he ventured further in real estate, he started facing innumerable hurdles on his way. From permissions, logistics, labour and so on. Everyday brought in a new challenge but each of them only made him more determined and focussed towards turning those obstacles into glorious landmarks of success.

The maiden project of Raheja Developers was Pine Gardens in Nainital. It turned out be a herculean enterprise for the indomitable Navin Raheja. There was no problem which he did not face in this project. From super sensitive environmentalists, stubborn transporters, unfriendly labourers, dangerous local mafia to extremely harsh weather conditions, nothing seemed to be going correct. The process though turned out to be very difficult but the lessons learnt here was that of a lifetime. A major lesson was always to be on the side of the customers rather than just profits. As money may come or go, but happy customers will always bring more.

With time, Raheja Developers started giving shapes to millions of dreams. Beautiful homes, modern office complexes, vast integrated townships, dazzling shopping malls. Destinations that brought laurels to the company; addresses that spread happiness in many lives.

Today, Raheja Developers is one of largest real estate companies of India. Every project is known for its design aesthetics, environment friendly features, fine details and many such facets that uphold Navin Raheja conviction of being on the customers' side. While at the beginning of his real estate journey, he always handled one project at a time to give it ample time. But now the company deftly handles many projects simultaneously in different parts of the country.

But life is not just about professional success. It is much, much more than that. For Navin Raheja, it is about wildlife conservation. From an early age, his heart had a soft spot for the wonders of the wilderness. Be it the majestic lords of the forest or the colorful birds, every life of the wild spellbound him. And when the life offered him an opportunity to take his interest to the next level, he took it up with immense gusto.

His remarkable contribution in wildlife conservation at various levels earned him a distinguished position in the Project Tigers' Steering Committee under Ministry of Forests and Environment. He is also the Chairman, Wildlife Conservation Society of India. Navin Raheja unfailing efforts in streamlining the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities in handling as sensitive an issue as wildlife led to the announcement of many landmark directives of the Supreme Court.

His boundless love for the wilderness and passion about wildlife photography has led to the creation of a subsidiary called Raheja Productions. It produces incredible documentaries about various aspects of wildlife. Currently a show titled "Wilderness Days" is telecasting the same on Doordarshan.

Just as Navin Raheja and his fantastic team believe in siding with the customers, they also consider it is their duty to give the workers at the construction site a good life. Such a glorious thought has led to a unique plan of action at Raheja Developers. The labourers are given nutritious food, sent for health check-ups and provided with safety equipments during work for their protection. Besides, their young children who tend to play aimlessly near the site are taught, fed and taken care of by a set of team, hired specially for the purpose. The aim is to inculcate a feeling of confidence, self-respect and respect towards education among the children so that they grow into responsible citizens of the country.

We all look up to someone or the other in our life. In case of Navin Raheja, it is his mother. Smt Krishna Raheja had imbibed golden values of life among her children. And at every step Navin Raheja remembered those teachings that shaped his life. To spread the light of her teachings among others, he founded Krishna Mahesh Gayatri Sansthan, a charitable trust that works towards the upliftment of underprivileged children.

While the industry knows Navin Raheja as the man with the Midas touch, his simplicity has won him many admirers even among the rivals.