Navin Raheja



March 17, 2015

Workshop on "Use of Green Technologies in Real Estate" at New Delhi.

NAREDCO, over the years, has created a niche for itself, as a forum, to create awareness about environmentally sustainable real estate development and conducted many workshops, seminars and conferences to educate and promote the same. In today's fast developing world, human interventions with nature are inflicting irreparable damages to the ecology of our planet and a drain of energy. To arrest this trend, NAREDCO believes that all buildings, irrespective of their nature or purpose, need to be green norms compliant and efforts need to be made, at all levels, to sensitize all stakeholders for use of green technologies, materials and use of renewable energy, and strengthen regulatory frameworks to make it happen.

In the above backdrop, NAREDCO organized a Workshop on "Use of Green Technologies in Real Estate" at New Delhi. The objective of the Workshop is to create awareness of green technologies, amenable to sustainable and economically viable real estate development.  The aim is also to sensitize architects, engineers, consultants and developers / individual owners about its benefits and equip them with information about relevant technologies and materials as also the standards. Considering the importance of the issue, MNRE, CII-IGBC and other institutions have agreed to support the above workshop.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Raheja opined that Green Housing buildings focus on the use of systems and techniques that result in overall reduction in the use of scarce resources like energy, water and materials during and after the construction process. Sustainable construction requires specific technology and the use of certain design parameters. These include factors like equipment and fixtures that consume less water and electricity, the segregation of waste at source, energy efficient common area lighting systems, solar water heaters, rain water harvesting, natural ventilation, construction and roofing material , the  recycling of water and waste and a host of other ‘green’ aspects. At the time of buying a ‘green’ home, checking certification from a rating agency will help in distinguish between a green-washed and a genuine eco-friendly project.

Brig. (Retd.) R.R. Singh, DG, NAREDCO; Shri Navin M Raheja, Chairman, NAREDCO; Shri. K.K. Jaodder, Chief Town & Country Planner, TCPO, MoUD, GOI; Dr. P C Jain, Chairman, IGBC; Shri Rajesh Arora, Vice Chairman, The Arora Group & Member Finance, NAREDCO